About us
The Heart of Kameizumi
Here in the spring, the surface of the Hage River shimmers in the sunlight. The trees on its banks form an arch of pale pink flowers.

In the summer, the fragrance of white pomelo blossoms waft in the warm breeze. The mountains, sky, and clouds create a palette of brilliant green, blue, and white.

In the fall, stalks in the fields bend over heavy with rice, and you can smell the familiar scent of dried leaves in the air. The days are cloudless and followed by gentle crimson sunsets.

In the winter, everyone braces against the cold while the fields are covered in snow.

It was in this abundant nature at the foothills of Mount Hage that Kameizumi was born.

We have always been grateful for the bounty nature has provided us, and we strive to preserve our traditions and way of life.

These traditions of brewing in harmony with nature have been at the heart of Kameizumi’s products since its founding.

Greetings from the President & CEO / Corporate Philosophy

Thanks to our loyal customers, in 2017 we will celebrate 120 years of business since our company’s founding.
When our company began brewing sake with a staff of 11 volunteers, many batches were spoiled and ruined, and it was difficult to procure funds to buy raw materials such as brewer’s rice. Our founders faced many difficulties building up the company, but over the years it has grown into the successful enterprise it is today.

We have only the deepest gratitude for the support of our customers over these many years.

Sake has been part of Japanese culture for thousands of years, originating as an offering made to the gods. A cultural heritage passed on through the ages, our sake is made the same way it always has been, from the growing and harvesting of rice to brewing using traditional techniques. It is more important than ever that we continue to cherish and pass on the traditions of sake for later generations.

Just as our ancestors must have felt 120 years ago, at the company’s founding, we are thankful for the bounty of nature that brings us water and rice, the ingredients of sake. We will carry on the brewing tradition, putting our hearts and the utmost care into each step of the process.
We will continue to endeavor to show our heartfelt gratitude and dedication in each bottle of sake we brew. We hope you will find many opportunities to relax and find happiness with a glass of fine Kameizumi sake.

We thank you, our customers, from the bottoms of our hearts.

Kameizumi Sake Brewing Co., Ltd. President & CEO: Tohru Kawazawa

Greetings from the President & CEO / Corporate Philosophy

Company Outline

Trade Name Kameizumi Sake Brewing Co., Ltd.
Representative President & CEO:
Tohru Kawazawa
Officers Chairman:
Kazuhito Saibara
Keiichi Kawazawa
Address 781-1142
2123-1 Izuma, Tosa City, Kochi
Phone +81-88-854-0811
Fax +81-88-854-0813
Website www.kameizumi.co.jp
Manufacture and wholesale of Japanese Sake and Liqueurs
Established March 8, 1965
Capital 10 million yen
No. of Employees 6
Company Outline

Company History

1897 Eleven volunteers gather in the village of Hage (modern-day Izuma in Tosa City) to start business as Humoto saketen.
A spring named the “Eternal Spring” because its waters had never run dry since the Edo Period (17th Century), even in times of drought, was used to make their first sake, which they named “Kameizumi”. Kameizumi means, “the turtle’s spring”, and refers to the longevity of the water.
1917 Humoto saketen is formally established by Tomigo Kawazawa and Hajime Saibara.
Tomigo Kawazawa is appointed the first president of the company.
1918 Hajime Saibara is appointed second president of the company.
1920 Shikaji Kawazawa is appointed third president of the company.
1932 Muneharu Kawazawa is appointed fourth president of the company.
1944 During the World War II, government policies forced 6 brewing companies in the Takaoka region to merge into Koryo Brewing Co., Ltd. (later changed to the Gyokuhai Brewing Co., Ltd.).
Business activities begin at the Takaoka plant, where the current brewery stands today.
1964 The Gyokuhai Brewing Co., Ltd builds a bottling plant for the 6 Takaoka manufacturers in Susaki City. The Gyokuhai Brewing Co., Ltd becomes an independent entity with Toshikazu Saibara of the Takaoka plant (formerly Humoto saketen) as its head of operations.
1965 The Kameizumi Sake Brewing Co., Ltd is established.
Toshikazu Saibara is appointed fifth president & CEO of the company.
1975 Keiichi Kawazawa is appointed sixth president & CEO of the company.
1989 Brewing of specialized sake commences with the abolishment of the sake classification taxation system.
1995 Kazuhito Saibara is appointed seventh president & CEO of the company.
1998 Production of the junmai ginjo genshu “CEL-24” begins.
2008 Export operations and overseas business begin.
2009 Production of “Konatsu Liqueur” and “Ginger Liqueur” begins.
2013 Production of the bottle-conditioned sparkling junmai ginjo sake “Kameizumi Perle” begins.
2015 Tohru Kawazawa is appointed eighth president & CEO of the company.